“Connecting others to the life-changing
message of Christ.”

Stephen Stringer  | Church Planter/Lead Pastor

God has been preparing me over the past few years for this incredible, new work that He has called me to.  After graduating from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in 1992, I began my role serving as Senior Pastor in traditional churches in Alabama and Georgia. I felt this would always be the path that I would continue in.  But, God had other plans.  Seven years ago God gave me a hunger and a glimpse of what He had in store for me.  God placed a desire on my heart to start a church.  But in my wisdom and lack of trust, I couldn’t see how this could come to pass at that point.  Like most of you, I was busy trying to provide for my family.  I had two children to feed, clothe and not to mention, one day send to college. 
Thank goodness the vision didn’t end with my feelings and thoughts of “one day” pursuing His perfect plan. In 2008 God showed up in my life in ways that could only be God.  He allowed me to walk through a period in my life where I was totally dependent on His will, His guidance and His provision.  It was here that I learned to totally depend on God’s perfect will and God’s perfect plan.  Resting in God’s will for my life, I surrendered to the call of God to start a church; one that would focus on reaching people for Christ and that was interested in truly making a difference in the community.  Our mission statement says it all,


Connecting others to the life changing message of Christ.”

Stephen W. Stringer
Lead Pastor of Connection Church 


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